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The Real Estate Insititute of Victoria (REIV)

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We’re working with the REIV to drive the digital transformation of Real Estate forms in Victoria for improved compliance, security, functionality and efficiency.

We’ve partnered with Real Estate Institutes to transform how the world looks at digital real estate contracts, one form at a time.

With a paper form, everything’s manual. With a PDF and other signing solutions, you’re forced to fit everything into a form that’s built for an analogue world. Both take time, and every form layout is different.

A Hutly One Touch™ form is digital from the start and designed to be filled out, sent and executed on a computer. Which means faster contract creation & sending.

You win time and energy back in your day and your clients get what they need sooner, in a format that’s easier than ever before.

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Hutly’s Partnership with the REIV

Throughout 2021, Hutly is implementing One Touch™ technology across all of the forms hosted on the REIV’s VicForms platform.

We’re introducing smarter ways to create, send, review and sign agreements digitally, so that agents, property managers, owners, buyers, sellers and renters can achieve satisfying outcomes sooner.
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