At Hutly, we build customer-first technology to make our partners shine.

Partners that benefit from our exceptional technology include Real Estate Institutes, Prop-tech companies, trust accounting platforms, banks, government and accounting firms.

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Through our partners, over 1700+ agencies are using our technology

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How do we do this?

We have taken the existing residential tenancy agreement and transformed it into a living contract. This means a seamless solution now exists that connects your trust accounting platform with all the other companies that service your agency.

Think of us as the highways, roads and bridges that make your customers' lives easier when getting from A to B. We don't replace anything you do right now, we just enhance the experience, speed up the process and help your customers build stronger, more resilient and profitable businesses.

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Check out the solution we have partnered with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland to deliver to their network.

Laura Valenti
REIQ Board Director
Managing Director at Solutions Property Management