Letter from the Founder

Jeremy Hastings, Hutly Founder

Growing up with my Mum, two brothers and sister, I moved on average every 2 years. Not because we weren’t great tenants, but because finances were always tight. Whenever the market shifted and rent was increased, we needed to move to survive.​

A few decades later, my wife and I bought an investment property interstate and chose to have it managed by a real estate agent. The first agent struggled to keep an accurate rent ledger and undertake inspections, so we found a new property manager. Six months later, the new manager was caught with his hand in the trust jar and was charged. After contacting our tenant to let them know what was happening, we discovered that the house was leaking from a hole in the roof and the stove hadn’t worked in months. The property manager had told the tenant that we were refusing to pay for maintenance.

Shocked and deeply concerned, we immediately fixed the issues. By then it was too late - the tenant was fed up and didn’t renew their lease. My faith in local property managers was lost and, still living interstate at the time with busy jobs, we knew that managing the property ourselves would be too hard. We ended up selling the house.

Since that time, I have dedicated my time to listening to and acting on the voice of our customers. Property managers, agencies, tenants and owners deserve to have a positive relationship that builds trust and mutually beneficial outcomes.

To me a hut represents the birthplace of shelter. Shelter is a fundamental human right that underpins a circular economy. Shelter is needed for homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. Shelter is more than a roof, it represents security, prosperity and the love of family, friends and community.

Hutly is here to solve the problem of shelter. Life has enough difficulties already – shelter should not be one of them.

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