Sunshine Coast property manager becomes third to win $500 using Hutly One Touch to get their tenancy agreement executed

Hamish Wyatt
February 1, 2021

Hutly has announced the third lucky property manager to win $500 in Hutly's One Touch competition! Kim Stevens of North Shore Realty in Marcoola won the third $500 prize on Wednesday 27 January by executing her general tenancy agreement (Form 18a) using Hutly's free One Touch process.

Kim, who regularly uses Hutly's One Touch to get her tenancy agreements executed online, thought our winning call was a hoax.

"I don't believe you — who is this!" she said.

Once we'd convinced Kim she had actually won, she was on Cloud 9.

"I just don't win things! 2021 just got a whole lot better."

How is this respected real estate professional with 13 years in the industry going to enjoy the spoils?

"I live on the coast — I can think of plenty of worthy things to spend this on," she said.

If it were us (unfortunately it's not), we'd be tipping a bit into some fresh prawns, fresh crusty bread and butter plus a nice cold bottle of champagne overlooking the beach. Excuse the wandering mind — we're sitting in an office looking at lines of computer code all day. It's easy to dream!