Hutly giving hours back to Queensland property managers with new Edit and Resend add-ons

Hamish Wyatt
February 11, 2021

Brisbane, Australia

Hutly, the Brisbane tech company that powers One Touch Execution within the REIQ’s General Tenancy Agreement, has today made getting an agreement executed even faster with the release of timesaving Edit and Resend add-ons.

The company has already made life easier for busy property managers since launching its One Touch agreement in early 2020.

“Hutly’s One Touch turns a process that can take hours into one that takes minutes,” said Laura Valenti, owner of Brisbane’s Solutions Property Management and heavy user of Hutly’s technology since launching in 2020.

The new add-ons turn Hutly into the only contract signing tool that allows editing and resending agreements without time-sapping manual workarounds.

“Data entry issues are a given whenever you’ve got people involved. I love that we can now correct them quickly and professionally and get our tenancy agreements executed without delay,” said Ms Valenti.

“It’s clunky to have to cancel one envelope and then send another one,” said Jeremy Hastings, Hutly’s founder.

“Agents can now simply jump back into their form, make edits or update the contact details of the tenants, and then send it all back out. All participants are in-the-loop on what’s happening at all times, meaning it’s not possible for an agent to make changes that the tenant won’t know about,” said Mr Hastings.

Hutly is making the add-ons available to property agencies for an introductory offer of $19.95 a month* — a small cost compared to the delays and expense agencies incur trying to cancel, duplicate, change and then send incorrect agreements.

Property managers can activate the add-ons within the general tenancy agreement in Realworks from today.

* normally $39.95/agency/month