Edit and Resend add-ons coming to Queensland's General Tenancy Agreement

Hamish Wyatt
February 10, 2021

In April 2020, the REIQ made Hutly’s One Touch technology available for free on the General Tenancy Agreement (GTA) for Realworks users.

Over the last 10 months with nearly 100,000 executed GTAs, Hutly has learned that tenants and property managers love being able to sign from anywhere at the push of a button (with no paper!), and that data entry mistakes are bound to happen.

The second learning led to the Hutly team to creating Edit and Resend — the first two time-saving Hutly One Touch add-ons for the GTA which are coming to Realworks in February.

Add-ons are optional extras we’ve created to make it easier to fix form mistakes and to change where agreements get sent for signing, so property managers can make changes in seconds, not minutes.

Agencies that activate their add-ons in February will pay only $19.95 a month for the first three months (a special $20-off promotional price for February) to unlock the efficiencies of editing an agreement that’s already been sent out for signing AND send the agreement to updated email addresses and phone numbers.

These are advanced features you won’t find in DocuSign or any other mainstream signing solution.


After you’ve sent a General Tenancy Agreement out for signing with One Touch, you can click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Manage’ menu and change any of the details (say if you put the wrong rent amount in). Everyone who has already received the lease will be notified that you’re changing the document and to look out for a new invitation to sign the updated version.


If you’ve ever accidentally put the wrong details in the One Touch sending section, then we’ve built ‘Resend’ for you!

Before the Resend add-on, if you put incorrect mobile or email details in the sending section you would need to cancel, then duplicate, then update, then send the new agreement again to the tenants.  With this add-on, it’s as easy as updating the tenant contact information in two fields.  Simple!

Add-ons are paid monthly and activated within the General Tenancy Agreement menu in Realworks.

Billing and cancellation enquiries can be emailed to help@hutly.com.