The real estate contract solution for agencies who want more happy clients

We've partnered with Real Estate Institutes to transform how the world looks at digital real estate contracts, one form at a time.

Only available through the REIV

"Can't speak highly enough of it!!"

"I use it for every lease!"

"I use One Touch at every opportunity."

Used by thousands of real estate agencies every day to do contracts smarter.

Over 300,000 properties run on Hutly

3 ways Hutly's One Touch™ makes your clients happier

They get their contracts faster

With a paper form, everything's manual. With a PDF and other signing solutions, you're forced to fit everything into a form that's built for an analogue world. Both take time, and every form layout is different.

A Hutly One Touch™ form is digital from the start and designed to be filled out, sent and executed on a computer. Which means faster contract creation & sending.

You win time and energy back in your day and your clients get what they need sooner, in a format that's easier than ever before.

They can see you're a by-the-book professional

When you use Hutly One Touch™, you and your clients get built-in compliance across the property lifecycle. Which means added reassurance for your clients.

That's because you can only use One Touch™ through peak industry organisations like the REIV. In fact, their law firm-reviewed forms, conditions and best-practice advice are the foundation of the contracts executed using our technology.

As legislation and learnings evolve, so too does the Hutly digital contract.

They can tell you care

We've designed the Hutly process to complement the warmth and personality that typifies offline client management in the best agencies.

Every screen is laid out in a clean, clear format designed to be executed on any device, so signing is a simple matter of hitting 'accept' or 'reject' after reading the entire document.

Thanks to our mandatory 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), it's also more secure than a standard eSigning envelope.

Smarter contracts are just the start of our journey to digitally transform the real estate sector

We're building an ecosystem that turns properties into unique living digital assets where verified parties — owners, renters, buyers, sellers, agents and managers — can see, negotiate and update their contracts.

More flexibility
Our 'life of agreement' architecture shows all parties the relevant contractual information about their property and allows them to request and process changes to sections of the live contract without completing a form.  In a Hutly world, you never have to see or touch a full paper contract ever again — especially for ongoing agreements like rental contracts or management agreements.

More security
All parties are notified of requested changes, all activities are verified by all parties using mandatory two factor authentication (2FA) and the outcome is registered on a private blockchain.

More satisfaction
Because there is less to create on the agency side and less to review on the client side, everyone wins. Everyone saves time, and since everyone can see what's happening, anxiety is dramatically reduced.

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